Janie Robinson Meggers, REALTOR, RE/MAX Valley, REALTORS Linda J. Danielle, REALTOR, RE/MAX Valley, REALTORS:

Working with Boone Homes of Roanoke has been a wonderful experience in community partnering to the benefit of our shared clients. Tim, Ron, and Alexander are gentlemen beyond compare. They, along with their staff, provide great care and consideration to ensure each detail of the home building process has been completed to the satisfaction of our clients. As Tim has said to us many times, “We want to do things right, and we will work together until we find the best solution for all concerned”. We value our community partnership and friendship with Boone Homes of Roanoke tremendously, and we respect their high level of integrity and quality of customer care/service. We believe we share the same goal, and that is to work together to build a better community. With such great community partners, we will surely succeed!


Ron Booth just left our home after inspecting some things I had brought to his attention through Debbie Nash. In spite of the fact that his visit was primarily to check those things out and see what could be done, he and I ended up having a brief conversation that reiterated the value of Boone Homes to the Roanoke community. I would like to let you know that our family will forever remember Boone Homes with great fondness for the way we have been treated and the comfort we have experienced in this brand new home. They say the picture is worth a thousand words. So I am attaching the picture I took shortly after our walk through. I wanted you to see the expression on the faces of our children.
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