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IMG_5711Boone Homes has a legacy of building beautiful new homes.  For over thirty years Boone Homes has built the most beautiful new homes in Virginia, both in the Roanoke Valley and Richmond.  What is it “About Us” that makes us so different and unique from other home builders you may ask ?  What makes building a new home with Boone so special ?  I’m so  glad you asked.  It is our time tested formula of giving the customer everything they need and desire in the new home buying experience. 

You Will Enjoy a Positive Building Experience
Your Boone Homes Team will be there to assist you each step of the way through the building process. Your selection coordinator will provide a detailed schedule for making your home selections to ensure your home is completed on time. Your construction supervisor will update you on the progress of your home and meet with you regularly to review various phases of the construction.


There is Something Special About a Boone Neighborhood!
One of our core values is to ensure that home within a community vary in appearance and, at the same time, blend with each other architecturally. We do not construct homes with the same exterior appearance next to each other, we design proportionate architectural details within each neighborhood, and we select complementary exterior color schemes for each community. We place ample landscaping, including trees, on every home site. We believe “neighborhood integrity” contributes to appreciation in home values.


We Invite You to Customize Our Plans to Personalize Your Home
We start with well-designed plans with great architectural details. Boone Homes Homeowners have customized our plans when they purchased, and we continually update and incorporate their best ideas into new, “Homeowner Tested” plans. You start with one of our latest plans, and if you want to change anything to personalize your home, we are pleased to do so.


You Are Buying A Quality Built Home
We have a great reputation for quality construction because we use the highest quality material and best construction methods to provide the best value to our home owners. All of our homes are stick built on site because that is how true craftsmen build homes. We have a final walk through with each buyer two weeks prior to closing. We are proud that 97% of our homes have everything completed prior to closing.


We’re Here to Help Even After Closing
Our Service Department professionals who are here to assist you long after you close on your home. You will have three opportunities to review the quality of your home and list items you would like us to address: the “final walk through” performed two weeks prior to closing, 60 days after closing, and again 11 months after closing. If an emergency arises at any time, we are there to take care of it. Our service department is committed to addressing your concerns in a timely manner.


You Will Live In The Best Locations
We build in planned communities that are convenient to where you live, play, shop and work. We also place our communities near major road systems. You can count on greater resale value when you purchase a Boone Home because we build only in communities that are in the best locations.



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