March 3, 2015

Snow Flakes and Floor Plans

HouseExtWEbOkay I know you are tired of hearing about snow, and that you are glad spring has finally arrived. I completely understand. The warm weather has been a welcome change, but I had an interesting conversation with a Boone Homes architect the other day.  It inspired me, and I just had to pass along his vision of  a new home from Boone Homes of Roanoke.
We were discussing the beautiful home designs that Boone creates, and he told me that to him “Every home is like a snow flake.”  I had to stop and think about that for a minute. Every snowflake is unique and has an individual design. If you look at them under a microscope no two snow flakes will ever be alike.He works hard to make sure that this same individuality is what sets a Boone Home apart from the competition. Boone’s team of architects and draftsmen start with the basic plan and make change after change for the individual homebuyer making a custom built home for them. Rooms can be changed any way the homebuyer wants, they can be made bigger, smaller, or even extra rooms added on to the plan.Master suites can be made larger, sun rooms can be added.  There is really no end to what they can do for you.  Wouldn’t you like to have a home that was as unique as a snowflake- your personalized home?  Let your individualism and creativity come to life, look over some of the great floor plans, on our website, and imagine what you would change on the plans, what you would add or take away, which home would you make your own?  Call us today and let us show you how we can make a custom built home for you— now see talking about snow flakes wasn’t that bad was it ?
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