July 15, 2014

Dream Homes

Summer-2010-Nags-Head-0261-300x225Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait  for summer so you could go to the beach and build that huge elaborate sand castle?  Yours always had to be bigger and better than everyone else’s – after all it was your Castle!  In your imaginary world it was your dream home.

What are your plans this summer ?  Are you looking for a new home ? Instead of making sand castles on the beach, are you shopping for your new home — your real life dream home ?  Have you been having trouble finding the place that meets your expectations and seems like it is worthy of you hard earned money?  Maybe you just can’t find a place that is how you imagined it ?   At Boone Homes in Roanoke, we believe that the first step in building your home is to Imagine !  Haven’t you already completed that part of the job ?   So The Next step is to Design it.  That is where Boone’s Award Winning Architectural staff comes in.  You pick one of our many amazing floor plans, and tell them any changes you want – to make the home you imagined.  We customize the design to meet your needs, and then we begin that last wonderful step — building your dream home!

Sound too good to be true ?   Well, believe it or not, we make dreams become reality all the time for our home owners.  We have many styles and floorplans that are sure to meet any wish your little heart desires for the castle of your dreams.  Call us today and give us the opportunity to show you our luxury homes in Roanoke, and let us see if we can’t find the perfect fit for you and your family that will make all your dreams come true.

Every homebuyer should get their “happily ever after.”  Let us help you have yours today.


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